Welcome students and families!

Before I get down to business, I have to tell my students: I miss you guys so, so much!  I can't wait to see your faces, give you LOTS of hugs, and hear all about how much fun you've had learning and spending time with your family at home.  I love you all LOTS and can't wait to see you again!
I want to take the time to welcome you all to my web page.  Over the coming days and weeks that our school building is closed, I will be adding content to my page.  I will post videos and photos for students to use as references as you all work from home. I have never had to teach in a video format before, so please be patient with me as I learn and adapt to this new way of teaching. 
I have separate pages for 2nd and 3rd grade students who attend reading lab.  The third grade page is more photos of things we have used in class with a few videos, and the 2nd grade page is more videos and a few photos.  If there is anything that needs to be explicitly explained, it will be done in a video.  Since we are all working from home, the way we do things here is different than how we do them at school. I will do my best to show you what to do in a way that is as similar to what we did in class as possible. There will be some bumps for all of us along the way, but we will get through this together.
If you have questions, would like something explained in a video, or would just like to show me what you've been working on, I would love to hear from you.  My email address is bschipper@mwisd.net.  I am checking my email at least every hour during the regular school day, and I will get back with you quickly.  If you contact me in the evening or on a weekend, I will get back to you the next school day.
Again, thank you for your patience as we all navigate uncharted waters together.  Please reach out if you need help. I will gladly do whatever I can.